A collection of my projects and adventures.


Hi! I'm Alex Rybchuk, a Mechanical Engineering student from The Cooper Union, graduating in 2017. You can find me chasing free food at events around NYC.


Forward Osmosis Desaltination Module

In its annual Global Risks Report, the World Economic Forum declared the Water Crisis as the third largest source of potential economic catastrophe. As part of an internship for Nagare Membranes, I designed a hollow-fiber desalination module with the use of MATLAB, SciPy, and Solidworks Flow Simulation. This module takes advantage of a novel membrane technology, which greatly reduces the energy for purification, while still producing high quality water.


Glass medical keyboard

Every year, tens of thousands of patients in American hospitals die from Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs), a tragedy which could be mitigated by improving sanitary conditions. In an effort to improve hospital sanitation, three Cooper classmates and I prototyped Sanikeys, a keyboard which automatically sterilizes itself after use. In order to create this model, we followed Lean Startup methodology and interviewed over one-hundred individuals in the medical enviornment, in order to shape our product to their needs.


A-Arms for Cooper Motorsports

In collaboration with the Cooper Union Motorsports FSAE Team, three classmates and I designed and manufactured a set of carbon fiber A-Arms for the car's suspension. These A-Arms are nearly a third of the weight of the steel A-Arms currently used by the team and show promise for use in the 2015 car.

Steel A-Arms Carbon Fiber A-Arms (30% lighter!)

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